Sohel Taj Needs the People Suggestions

Md Saiful Islam Mollah : Tanjim Ahmad Sohel Taj, a national leader and integrity model of young generation, is seeking suggestions from the People. He has decided to dedicate his time and energy to contribute in activities that would benefit ordinary people by being their voice.

Sohel Taj is son of Tajuddin Ahmad, the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh and Syeda Zohra Tajuddin, a former Convenor and Presidium member of Bangladesh Awami League.

Taj wrote on his Facebook page at October 14 at 12:51am : “Dear friends and well-wishers,  I have been spending a lot of time in Bangladesh recently and I deeply feel and wish that I could contribute something meaningful to the millions of people of Bangladesh- a country that was born from the aspirations and struggles of people seeking to create a nation that would ultimately provide opportunities, equal rights and democracy for all its citizens. For this dream we sacrificed millions of lives and through courage and sacrifice, realized the dream of an independent proud country. As you all know that I have tried my best to contribute through politics- I started my journey in 1997 and continued through to 2012. I was elected twice to parliament and I was also involved in many social work activities like working with renowned actor Mr. Elias Kanchan (who, btw, has dedicated his life to a noble cause and doing an admirable job) to help save lives by promoting road and transport safety issues. In all the time I spent doing various activities, nothing brought me more satisfaction than something that directly affected the well being of ordinary people. For that reason I have decided to dedicate my time and energy to contribute in activities that would benefit ordinary people by being their voice. I am seeking suggestions from you. I would appreciate any constructive ideas and suggestions. Thank you.”

Sohel Taj was born in Dhaka on January 5, 1970. He attended Saint Francis Xavier’s Green Herald International School and later completed “O” Levels from the British Council. He obtained Bachelor of Business Administration degree from American University. He holds a masters from Gordon University, United States of America in 2008. He has three sisters- Sharmin Ahmad Reepi, Simeen Hussain Rimi MP and Mahjabin Ahmad Mimi.

Tanjim Ahmad Sohel Taj was elected member of Parliament in 2001 with Awami League ticket. He served as a member of Standing Committee on the Ministry of Youth and Sports. While Sheikh Hasina was the Leader of the Opposition during the tenure of the BNP/Jamaat government (2001-2006), he played an active role in opposition politics.

Taj was re-elected as Member of Parliament from the same constituency in 2008 and joined Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s cabinet as the State Minister for Home Affairs on Jan 6, 2009. During his second term as Member of Parliament, he served as a member of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs. As State Minister of Home Affairs, he represented the Government of Bangladesh at the Pacific Area Special Operations Conference held in Hawaii, USA.

He resigned from Bangladesh’s parliament, where he had represented the constituency of Gazipur-4 (Kapasia), on 23 April 2012. His sister Simeen Hussain Rimi was elected MP to replace him in his former constituency in Kapasia.